Frequently Asked Questions

What is Converge and how did it start?

Converge is centered around the idea that everyone in an organization needs to be aware of Information Security at various levels for a security policy to have a real impact. Where other conferences have focused on the communication between the influencers and implementers in information security, Converge goes beyond to help bridge the gap between the influencers, implementers, and decision makers. We believe that the only way to move forward and face the new challenges of security is by engaging all levels of the business in the discussion.

At Converge we want to get the executives talking to everyone on their information security teams. When executives understand the problems facing the professionals on the front lines and, in turn, those professionals understand what drives management to make decisions on information security, everyone wins.

Converge grew out of the community around BSides Detroit and is organized by the same core group that has been putting on the Detroit conference since 2011. 

Is there a hotel block? Yes!

The hotel is located at:

525 West Lafayette Blvd
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Please use this link for booking reservations at the Doubletree